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EMDRIA Consultation Packet


Information on Mental Health

Medline Plus – Mental Health and Behavior

National Institute of Mental Health – Health Information


Information on Trauma

The Australian Trauma Web-Professor Grant Devilly’s Trauma Pages (

David Baldwin’s Trauma Pages (

Children and War (

European Federation of Psychologists Associations Task Force on Disaster Psychology [EFPA] (

European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (


Information on EMDR

Francine Shapiro Library’s EMDR Bibliography (

The Journal of EMDR Practice and Research-The official publication of the EMDR International Association (

The EMDR Practitioner-The official journal of the European EMDR Association (

EMDR-IS Electronic Journal (

EMDR Research Foundation (


EMDR Training

EMDR Institute Website (


EMDR Humanitarian Associations


Association: HAP-Europe (


Association: HAP-France (


Association: Trauma Aid (


EMDR-Programa de Programa de Ayuda Humanitaria-Argentina (


EMDR Iberoamerica (


Asociacion Mexicana para Ayuda Mental en Crisis A.C. (

United States

EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program [EMDR-HAP] (


EMDR Worldwide Associations

EMDR International Association website (

Association: EMDR Canada (

EMDR Europe Association: An association of European National EMDR Associations (

Association: EMDR-Iberoamerica (