Scheduling & Fees

My Work Schedule

I work from Tuesday through Thursday and some Fridays. Appointments begin at 8am and the latest is at 5:50pm. I do not work on Mondays, Saturdays, or Sundays.

Standard Fees

Evaluation, consultation, and psychotherapy sessions typically are 50 minutes in length but sometimes 100 minutes may be recommended. The fee structure is as follows: $200 for 50 minutes and $400 for a double session. Payment may be made by check, Venmo or cash. Payment is expected within 10 days of your therapy session.

Scheduling and Cancellations

I manage my own schedule and scheduling to be more efficient and more responsive to my clients’ needs. Please contact me by voicemail if you need to change or cancel an appointment. If you don’t hear back from me that day, please call again as there can be snafus in receiving calls.

My clients rarely change appointments without notice and I try to provide the same should I make a change. I have a 48-hour cancellation policy.  If you fail to provide this notice, you will be expected to pay for the missed session.

Forms to Download

Initial Consultation

Please check to see if I will have availability to see you before filling out the Registration Forms. The Registration Forms are available for you to download, print out, and complete prior to coming in for your initial consultation. It is important for me to receive these forms before scheduling your initial appointment.

You may choose to pay by check, Venmo or cash at the time of consultation. This billing statement will need to be paid within 10 days of your session. If you are currently being treated by a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and/or any other physician (when helpful), please complete one or more of the release forms so that I can contact your treating practitioner(s) in the future, if appropriate. I would discuss this with you, prior to making contact and would do so only after our initial consultation.

I am looking forward to meeting with you very soon!